The 4researchers.net project is an initiative of a group of graduate students and post-docs who are volunteering to help researchers all around the world in their research projects. We decided to create this site when we realized the lack of research resources on the internet. Our mission is to provide our investigative services to every researcher in the world free of charge. In this way, we want to contribute to the advancement of scientific research in several fields of study.

Our site is a useful tool for both graduate students and senior researchers alike. At the moment we are providing information for the fields of Computer Science, Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing, but we are planning to cover other sciences in the near future.

There is no external funding for this website. All expenses are paid by our group of researchers, in order to keep our commitment of providing free access to research resources, and developing this website into a premium bank of information and a repertoire of tools for every researcher in the world.

At the present moment, our site provides the following services:

  • Links to online journals
  • Links to conferences proceedings
  • Links for research engines
  • Links to online tools that can help researchers perform certain activities.
  • Software that can be run directly from our website
  • Access to our own database of research papers,magazines, and journal articles.